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Tinkering; with purpose and intent

Choosing to make a change in your life takes courage and commitment, however small or large it may seem. Not all changes need to be transformational. Not all changes require a full transition. Some changes are small, accumulative and significant.

As a coach, I like to refer to these small changes as tinkering. Tinkering with intent and purpose. I know every person has the skills to make the change they seek and by tinkering; these changes can help you recognise the impact of small shifts to refine your skills, change your approach and face into your goals.

Tinkering could be thought of as frivolous, insignificant or unimportant. Actually the definition suggests it is “attempting to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way.”[1] I see it as trying to make change in a delicate way.

Tinkering is often referred to when discussing mechanics or electronic repairs. To repair a complex motor or an intricate electrical device, with no formal training can be difficult. Just as difficult as repairing or tinkering with our own minds, reactions, emotions and motivations. Having an experienced coach to help you navigate the complexities of you can help. Working with a great coach can be likened to being "an apprentice of yourself".

Tinkering is progressive change. Small tinkers can allow you to try new approaches and see whether they offer the benefits you are seeking. These changes are small enough to be refined as you try them out at work or in your home life.

Small conscious changes that are practised often, will eventually lead to habitual change. Many tinkers can lead to transition and recognising your own transition can lead to true transformation. My clients will often come to me with ambitious goals that can take time to achieve. By providing small changes that my clients can practice and reflect upon, allows the larger goal to become an enjoyable journey and seemingly simpler to achieve.

It is so important to recognise our own needs and ensure we tinker our environment, so we can flourish and grow. There are a million different ways each of us can benefit from small changes. Change does not have to be immediate or finite and by tinkering with small changes in ourselves or our environment, we can effectively repair or improve ourselves in a casual way. 

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March 2017

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