Breathe, KNOW yourself and embrace the journey.

2017 was a particularly challenging year for many people, including me. It was a year of reconnecting with myself, my purpose and my goals. It was a year that felt like it would never bring me joy and yet I found joy , not in things but in all the wonders I discovered about myself. My lessons from 2017 that will hold firm into 2018 are simple and effective for the rest of my life journey.


In January of 2017 I was unwell due to a number of compounding factors in my life. I was so unwell in fact, I could not even get into my own car and drive 2 hours to the south coast, I could not go to the shops and I celebrated my January birthday in tears. 12 months on and I have embraced the power of my mind and my amazing inner sanctuary (my yoga teachers' term for my body) to gain balance and calm. I respect my thoughts but don’t let them over power me, I respect my body and spent a great deal of the year finding out why it was not functioning well and I respect myself enough to “be” and not just “do” all the time. As my wise friend always tells me, ‘you are a human being, not a human doing.’ I continue to fight this concept on every level but through meditation, yoga, exercise and general mindfulness, I managed to find more “being” this year. "Being" brings me so much joy, as I appreciate all I have in that moment.

Back yourself

The second win I had for 2017 was learning to believe in my abilities. I was going to say my abilities as a coach or my abilities as a counsellor or my abilities as an employee but actually it was the ability to back myself and believe in myself in all my life buckets. My ability as a wife, a step mum, a daughter, a coach, a colleague, a counselllor, a study partner, a sister and a friend. You see, my belief structure is a little warped and I had spent many years thinking I was not good enough……lots of us do, and in 2017 I finally wanted to see that belief system change. It was not a flick of a switch but yet continual ongoing work around unpacking and reflecting about myself. Slowly, I am starting to see this belief system change. Slowly.

As I left working in the corporate world in 2017 to finish my studies and start my own business, I had to reach out and connect to create new networks. I was blessed to be introduced to some wonderful people during this year, including all my brave and wonderful clients. To connect, I had to know who I was and what my plans where to ignite these networks. It was challenging but it forced me to be clear about who I am and what skills I have. On those days and weeks when I was starting the business and the phone didn’t ring, I did have one major advantage, the support and backing of my husband. Although I was really starting to back myself, on those very hard days, I did appreciate an extra set of confident hands.

No one is perfect all the time and if we were, life would be learnt and somewhat boring. So as soon as I had mastered my confidence an expertise as a counsellor and a coach, a client would come along to teach me something else about the world but more importantly about myself. As soon as I had been diagnosed with one syndrome earlier in the year and mastered the medical and diet support for myself, I was presented with another medical issue. But rather than burying myself in pity and woe, I have learnt to use all the goodies I have been blessed with to manage and live well. I have learnt that I am more than good enough and most importantly I am so grateful for all of the gifts I have been given. Back your mind, back your body and believe in your spirit. Life is so interesting when you believe enough in yourself to embrace the lessons sent your way.

Embrace the journey

Aaagghhhhhh!!!! I am literally the most impatient person and so learning to embrace the journey and trust the process has been and continues to be almost impossible! I have recognised the importance of being present and I recognise that there is always an opportunity, connection or new plan on the horizon. However, “being” and trusting that it will all happen in good time is a reminder I often give myself……daily, almost hourly sometimes.

My best reflection on embracing my journey for 2017 was on my University degree. After 4 years of theory, I was able to put my learning into practice and finally counsel with real clients. I have now had 8 months of practical training and through a weekly blog, I reflected on this wonderful learning process. I embraced the journey, the nervousness, the hesitation, the difficult client, the trust I needed in my own intuition and most importantly the feeling of peace, as I was finally living and working in my purpose. 5 years ago somewhere I trusted that I would one day be a counsellor and a coach and when there were really difficult days, there were assignments I despised, I had to trust and embrace the journey. I had to finish my degrees. For that persistence, patience and trust I have somewhere, I am forever grateful. I just wish I had it more often. 

So when tomorrow rolls around and 2018 begins, I have some goals and some practices that I want to keep throughout the year.

  • I will continue to grow my business and provide coaching and counselling to people. I truly believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be heard and supported to be the best version of themselves and I love using my tools to help them get there.
  • I will always respect and remedy my mind and body with nourishment, knowledge, connection and love.
  • I will continue to work and connect with people that are seeking a change in the world.
  • And I will breathe, back myself and trust and embrace the journey (as much as I can).

Happy New Year. I am sending you all courage and motivation for a year of success and lots of encouragement and support for creating the best version of yourself this year. 

If you would like to make some goals and plans for 2018 with a coach, please send me a message. 

December 2017

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