Teamwork Series

Creating great teams, working in great teams and producing innovative and effective teamwork is certainly one of the challenges for any leader and employee. It takes both leaders and participating team members to create great teamwork. And the thing about teams is they are transient and diverse. Not only do people in teams come with varying levels of skill, they also have status, ambition, goals, fears, conflict and agendas. Many teams have a combination of permanent and contract employees, many teams have people based all around the world and many teams are in the line of constant change. So how do we recognise our team, our teammates and how do we plan for success?

As a leadership coach the ‘team’ and its dynamics come up all the time with my clients. Team dynamics is often discussed in coaching both from the perspective of the leader / manager and the participating employee. In this series I will explore some of the different types of team members we may have in our own organisations and discuss and reflect on some of the awareness with each of these people that might produce a more productive, engaged team. 


The Temporary Team Member

I have worked as a contractor and I have hired contractors. In Australia there are estimated about 1Mil independent contractors[1] and approximately 23% of all businesses in Australia hire contractors[2]. So how do we include contractors into teams well and how do we maximise.....


The Troublesome Team Member

Have you ever worked with someone who was a disruption to you and the team? Did they undermine the value of the teams work? Did they disrespect the managers direction? Did they produce ineffective work that had an impact....




The Different Time Zone Team Member

Have you ever worked in a team where your colleagues where based all around the world? Or have you ever managed a team nationally across Australia? Employees are answering yes to these questions has been on the rise for the last 20 years. 



The Tangled Team 

As humans generally like to know where we are going, what needs to be done and how we will be rewarded for that activity. When we are at work it is important to provide every one in your team with a role description, some key indicators for delivery and success and also the agreed....


'Times Up' Team Member


Restructures happen in all organisations and sometimes people get made redundant during that process. What happens when some of your team members are let go? And what happens when you were the one that got to stay?