Life is challenging sometimes. I have experienced that. Having a coach to help you with self awareness, perspective, finding balance and goal setting can change your path, open doorways and create peace.

Working with individuals one on one is the reasons I started my coaching business. I relish in coaching others to be the best version of themselves and to get up each day knowing they are making great decisions.

The content of the coaching sessions is driven by you. The number of sessions is also determined by you.

Sessions are conducted one to one via a channel that suits your needs.

Leadership COACHING 

Leadership coaching is one of my passions. Through experience in leadership and working with hundreds of other clients, my leadership coaching is person-centred, strengths-base, positive coaching for individuals to achieve in their career.

I have experience in leadership coaching across all levels of management and many different industries.

One of my core beliefs is that every person has something to contribute and through practice and reflection, everyone can be a great leader.

Sessions are conducted one to one via a channel that suits your needs.



Business coaching is about working with clients to understand their business strengths, strategy and areas for improvements.

Coaching works with the business to investigate and refine in the following areas;

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Product life cycle

  • Competition

  • Customer experience

  • Process - customer fulfilment and internal

  • People and capabilities

  • The future


My business coaching has lead me to work with a number of businesses across multiple markets. These markets have been small and large, as well as working with businesses that deliver direct to consumers and directly to other businesses.

The industries I have coached businesses in include;

  • Banking

  • Technology Services

  • Human Resources

  • Not For Profits

  • Professional Services