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Coaching - Anyone and everyone

Coaching is a growing industry and the drive here is client demand. Demand from many different people who are looking for coaching across careers, life, health and wellbeing and self-development. 

Why is there such a demand for coaching? Are we missing something in our education? Are we missing support in the workplace? Do we have too much information to sort through? Or is that we live in a society of fast pace change, and change requires support?

There are a number of reasons that people seek out coaching. I think people need support when making change either in their career or personal lives. I think people need a push when apathy creeps into their lives, either in professional or personal areas. I think people need support for the pace of current society and the rate at which we are changing. And I think we need people to help us sift through all the information and all the choices we have.

People have given themselves permission to ask for support and as a result, coaches are available to help with peoples’ desire to change. 

Over the last ten years, western society provides us with messages of “finding true happiness”, “seeking your truth” and “cementing your energy to fulfill your purpose”. Most people spend some time in self-introspection, reviewing their energy allocation, assessing their spiritual happiness and confirming whether they are fulfilling their purpose, or not. These concepts are all very important and real but believe me, if you spend all day thinking about these, it will drive you around in circles.

Allowing yourself to explore and experiment a life that will fulfill your needs, is important. Experiencing and living that life, is imperative. So to get to that life faster, so we can enjoy the development and change along the way, a coach is the perfect catalyst to support that exploration and rapid personal or professional change.

What happened before coaches?

If you think about a time, not so long ago, we used to all go for jogs on our own and we all had workout videos we did at home on our own. We read books on successful leaders alone, we sort out experienced, successful people to hear about their journey through networks, meetings and lectures and we looked to our friends and family for support with our personal and professional decisions.

Now, we have personal trainers who coach and support us through fitness and wellbeing change. We have career coaches that support the development, growth and pathway for our career. We still have successful leaders and experienced people to learn from through networks, meetings, lectures, social media, television and media. We have life coaches that support our life and if we are lucky, we still have family and friends who support that change. 

Thank goodness, society has given us permission to discuss, debate, seek support and change agents to help us along our career and personal path. It seemed more difficult and time consuming when we did it on our own.

Who should seek a professional coach today?

Anyone and everyone.

The current state of professional coaching sponsored by companies is primarily offered to only a select few and mostly at the more senior levels the organisation. If you think about these people who are currently coached in senior positions within organisations, they have had support in their careers and the opportunity to develop and grow in new roles.

However, roles at all levels of businesses require development and growth. To create capability, diversity, succession planning and opportunities for the organisation, it is important to provide coaching to people across the entire employee base. It is also key for individuals to seek coaching to progress for their own development and growth.

If there was support for people who wanted to grow and learn, then people would have the opportunity to demonstrate greater skill, people would feel more engaged as individuals and companies could have the benefits of these professional changes. I believe, we have permission to seek support, I believe we have lots of different types of coaches to help us experience a full and fun journey and I truly believe everyone should have the opportunity to have a professional coach to grow and develop, at some point in their life.

For a further conversation about coaching, please contact me: or my contact page. 

April 2015

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