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August 2017

The world offers our young adults so many opportunities to study and work but yet I meet so many young people who have not thought about or had a discussion about their future.


Don't keep pushing. I am not ok.

September 2017

I remember the routine of picking up my father in law early in the morning on the way to the hospital to see my mother in law, who was very unwell.


Resume Speak

Many years ago I took a Business Writing Skills course. Before the awesome advances in digital content, the company I was working for was writing 200 page tender documents for large corporates and….



July 2017

There are so many times in our lives when we come together in groups. There are all sorts of connections that bring us together with other people.



May 2017

“Give a man a fish and he will feed for a day. Teach him to fish and he will feed for a lifetime”. The wonderful Chinese proverb, albeit a little gender imbalanced, that underpins any coaching philosophy.


Step Mothers Day……A Reflection

May 2017

I laughed the other day when my stepson was on the phone to one of his friends and I pulled the car into the garage and he said to his friend, “Hey, the stepmother is home”. It was a term of affection.....


Tinkering; with purpose and INtent

March 2017

Choosing to make a change in your life takes courage and commitment, however small or large it may seem. Not all changes need to be transformational.


Coaching - everyone and anyone

April 2015

Coaching is a growing industry and the drive here is client demand. Demand from many different people......