My Story.......

One of my core values is providing everyone the opportunity to contribute themselves to life, as best they can, everyday. 

I am a practical and experienced leadership and career coach. As a leadership coach, I develop individuals in leadership styles, strategic planning and management, building and managing teams, driving revenue growth, managing careers and creating a culture of wellbeing and individual / team success. I have worked with Financial Institutions, Government Agencies, International Distributors, Media and a number of smaller companies coaching new and senior leaders.

I have 16 years of corporate experience working in senior roles across financial institutions, IT companies and not-for-profit organisations. I have practised as a country manager, a sales leader, a product leader, an executive support manager, a project manager, a coach, a mentor and a customer expert. 

I am also a qualified counsellor, which supports my over all life coaching approach. I practice life coaching and counseling in the areas of self belief, life balance, health and wellbeing, mental illness and addiction. As a volunteer, I deliver life coaching and counseling to those facing some of life's very difficult challenges like unemployment and homelessness.

I am known for my insightful and engaging coaching style. I have a genuine interest in people and providing them with the tools to develop insight, awareness and capability to create their own outcomes. I have a challenging and caring approach to supporting people through professional and personal growth.  

I truly believe every person has great abilities and skills. I also think having a coach and reaching for support takes courage and great self awareness.

My qualifications;

  • Accredited International Coaching Federation Member (ACC) - since 2017

  • PACFA Member - Counselling Association - since 2017

  • Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching) - 2016

  • Bachelor of Science (Information Systems) - 1999

  • Domestic Violence Alert (through Lifeline) - 2017

  • Mental Health in the Workplace - 2019

Finally, my contribution to the community is important too and I work with the following organisations;

  • Counsellor - Mission Australia, since 2018

  • Coach - Dress for Success, since 2015

  • Mentor - Smith Family, Youth Career Mentoring, since 2017